• Alphahydro15™ (Body)

    Our specially formulated body acne exfoliating serum is perfect for stubborn body acne. The key active ingredient is Mandelic acid (15%), which is an alpha hydroxy acid made from bitter almonds that has potent antibacterial properties. It also can help...

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  • CytoClear+

    A specially formulated triple blend of Azelaic, L-Mandelic, and L-lactic acids. This potent player is your first line of defense to help fight acne, discoloration and scarring, reduce inflammation and brighten your overall complexion. It also features...

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  • Daily A™

    Daily A is an easily layered, smart aging retinol serum that fits seamlessly into an acne regimen. The lightweight, oil-free formulation addresses signs of aging, such as fine lines, large pores, and uneven skin tones for a healthier, more youthful...

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  • Dual C+

    Dual C+ serum helps to reduce and heal acne scarring, giving your skin a firmer, brighter, refreshed appearance. When added to your daily routine, Vitamin C provides a range of benefits, from helping your skin tone look more even, to shielding your skin...

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  • MediSpot

    MediSpot reduces red itchy irritated pimples, dries up any excess oil all while clearing pimples immediatly with maximum strenght 2% Sulfer and 5% Benzoyl Peroxide.

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